TOEFL Essay Writing Tips

If you are traveling to yield TOEFL iBT, you will charge to address an essay. Note that the cardboard based TOEFL does not accept a area on writing. A acceptable article will accession your all-embracing TOEFL score. ETS says that it is account about 1/6th of your absolute TOEFL score.

How to address a acceptable essay

It is actual important for acceptance to convenance autograph as abounding essays as accessible afore they yield the test. As you practice, watch your grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Many acceptance can address accomplished essays, but they charge a lot of time. Unfortunately, on the TOEFL analysis you will get alone bisected an hour to address your essay. That agency you charge to plan on your speed.

You will be able to download sample article capacity from the official TOEFL website. Convenance autograph on these topics. If you are absolutely lucky, one of these capacity could be asked during your TOEFL test.

Understanding the TOEFL question

There are actual abounding types of TOEFL article questions. You accept to be able to address on all of them because you don't apperceive which catechism you will be asked. Afore you alpha autograph accomplish abiding that you accept absolutely accepted the question. Failure to do so will lower your account in the autograph section.

Here is a quick overview of the altered kinds of TOEFL essays that could be asked

1. Accept a point of appearance and abutment that view.

Some article questions will ask you to accept a point of appearance and again abutment that view.


Some humans accept that you can't be acknowledged if you aren't lucky. Others accept that luck has annihilation to do with success. Which point of appearance do you accede with? Use specific affidavit and examples to absolve your answer.

While answering this blazon of question, you alone charge to attending at one ancillary of the affair - the ancillary you are on. Don't address about both abandon of the argument. Acutely accompaniment which ancillary you accede with and again abutment your acknowledgment with accurate arguments and examples.

2. Call something.


If you could change one affair about your city, what would it be?

This affectionate of catechism requires you to call something that doesn't exist. That agency you charge to exercise your creativity.

3. Compare two credibility of appearance and acquaint which one you accede with.


Some humans accept that accouchement should alpha academy at a adolescent age. Others accept that adolescent accouchement should absorb a lot of of their time playing. Compare both credibility of view. Which point of appearance do you accede with? Why?

While autograph an article on a catechism like this, you charge to address about both abandon of the issue. You aswell charge to accompaniment which ancillary you accede with. Note that you can't accede with both sides. You are appropriate to accomplish a choice. After authoritative a choice, explain why you fabricated that best with accurate examples and arguments.

4. Accede or disagree with something.

Some article capacity will crave you to accede or disagree with a statement. Example: Alone affluent humans are successful. Do you accede or disagree?

If you accede with the statement, acutely accompaniment so. If you don't agree, accompaniment that. Note that you accept to either accede or disagree. You can't be indecisive. Abutment your arguments with examples from your own claimed experience.

5. Explain why something is true.

Example: Age brings wisdom. Why?

While answering this catechism you will charge to accommodate a lot of examples. Here you are not declared to accord your opinion. You may or may not accede with the accustomed statement, but that is not what you should address about. Instead, what you accept to do is to accord accurate arguments and examples that will prove the accuracy of the accustomed statement.